We also offer storage at our beautiful accommodation. We offer full board. We fatten the stables ourselves every day and provide sufficient chunk and roughage. We have good facilities to offer. A spacious saddle cabinet is available for everyone. We offer our customers a luxurious, spacious stable for their horse or pony. We also have a beautiful riding arena, guest circle, paddocks and a washing area. Below you will find an impression of our facilities and accommodation.


We have 11 boxes of which 1 mare and foal box of 7 x 3. The other 10 boxes are 3 by 3.5. The stables are equipped with automatic drinking troughs and hay rack.


We have 8 paddocks of which 4 are 10x15 and 3 10x20 with wooden fence and we have 1 large rearing paddock. There are automatic drinking troughs in the paddocks and the horses receive unlimited hay with us.

Riding arena

We have a 20x60 riding arena with all-weather bottom. This makes the box always passable. In the evening the box can be illuminated by means of 4 large lamps. The container is sprayed in the summer by an automatic sprinkler system.

Lunge circle

Our lunging circle also has all-weather bottom. There is also lighting available. The guest circle, like our paddocks, has a beautiful wooden fence.


We have 1.5 hectares of grassland at our stable.

Stal Hulzebos
Oostervoorsteweg 1
9304TT Lieveren
Tel: 0654121710